Nils Berg & Mikael Augustsson: “Gubbstol 1937”
Nils Berg & Kalle Carmback: “I en stad”
Nils Berg Cinemascope: “Searching For Amazing Talent From Punjab”
The Stoner: “Kinder Call”
Nils Berg Cinemascope: “Vocals”
Nils Berg Cinemascope: “Popmotion”
Nils Berg: “Sailors Dancing In The Fight Hall”
The Stoner: “The New Pink”
The Stoner: “Hat Music”
The Stoner: “The New Pink”
The Stoner + Forss + Borg: ”The Lektor Tapes”
The Stoner: “Upp till kamp”

Here’s To Us: “Animals, Wild And Tame” (Hoob Records)
Hurrakel!: “Anna Lund presenterar: Hurrakel!” (Hoob Records)
Oskar Schönning: “The Violin” (Schönning Records)
Oskar Schönning: “Belgrade Tapes” (Schönning Records)
Oskar Schönning: ”Happy Jazz Please” (Bonnier-Amigo)
Oskar Schönning: ”Oskar Schönning” (Bonnier-Amigo)
Paavo: “Cançó del Paó” (Found You Recordings)
Paavo: “Paavo” (Apart Records)
Krantz: “Euphoria” (Krantz)
Krantz: “Siberia” (Amigo)
Sofia Karlsson: ”Svarta ballader” (Bonnier-Amigo)
Josef och Erika: ”Wallpaper Stories” (Footprint Records)
Yttling Jazz: “Oh Lord Why Can’t I Keep My Big Mouth
Shut” (Headspin Records)
Lina Nyberg: ”Tellus” (Mooserobie)